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Paying for a upstore paypal membership by US visa and MasterCard?

So basically Upstore with Upstore paypal is based in Russia and for that reason most US payment option will not function. There are two alternative that I have discovered for getting around this.

Now I will tell you about Upstore Paypal. The first (and by far best) method that I have discovered is paying with Bitcoin. Now if you’re like me and don’t prefer to screw around with setting up a wallet and all that, the finest approaches to do it is to download the Circle Pay app. It is convenient for iOS and Android. You download the apps, link your debit card, credit card, or bank account to it (it is a highly secure and commonly used app, google around if you prefer to confirm that it is safe) then you move to the upstore website, click upgrade to premium, and click the little “bitcoin” icon. This will open a page for a QR codes. Now you open the Circle Pay app, locate the “QR code” buttons, and scan that code. Then you take your payment options, and everything else is held for you. There is about a 15-20 minutes delay between the moment that you pay and the time that you get premium, but it does work. Here is my referral codes for Circle, we both win $10 if you use it. If you don’t want to, I’m pretty certain you can just register in the app,

The second choices is one I have also used. You are required to go to a store and find a Western Union Prepaid Debit Card, you pay the cashiers the amount you want preloaded on the card, then you go home to activate it, and it will allow you to carry out international payments. This sounds like a great option at first, but there are lots of restrictions on this card. You will be required to verify things like your SSN and address in order to activate it (again, Western Union is a highly secure place, there is no need to fear giving them your info, but it is nevertheless an attempt). Hope this help.

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